Some Things They Don’t Teach in College…

The ivory towers of academia are powerful institutions for shaping the great minds of tomorrow. However, there are many, many things they don’t teach you in college. Some of these are innate like common sense or work ethic, and some must be learned by real world experience.

Rude awakenings can sometimes be the best learning experiences. Losing a twenty-page term paper on the globalization of the beer industry is one example. Losing live music recordings if you happen to be a musician is yet another. These are pieces of life that we store electronically, and if lost, cannot replace.

I’ve been pounding the pavement for the past few weeks to find out what the student consensus is on protecting important data. I usually get one of two answers;


“Student A”

(Bryan): What are your thoughts on backing up your papers, music, movies and files?

(Student A): I actually lost a paper last week and had to pull an all-nighter to get it in on time.

(Bryan): You’re preaching to the choir; I’ve done that one before. Have you heard of Dolly Drive? We’re giving away 1,000 free 1 GB accounts to college kids for someone in your predicament.

(Student A): Where do I sign up?



“Student C-“

(Bryan): Do you have important files or data on your computer?

(Student C-): Yeah, dude, my whole fricken’ life is on there. Even the pictures from last weeks keggar.

(Bryan): So… Do you back-up that stuff that you can’t replace?

(Student C-): Uhhh, no. I never thought about that.

(Bryan): The probability of a catastrophic beverage failure to your hard drive is overwhelming; I recommend you look into it.


So there you have it, backing up is smart. Use Dolly Drive and don’t lose your data. It’s part of the most important lesson they don’t teach you in college, called CYA. Cover Your Assets.

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