It’s the Heart of Hurricane Season- Don’t Forget to Protect Your Data

As the heart of hurricane season approaches, proactive data protection is a necessity. Hurricane season lasts from June 1st through November 1st.  Those who have witnessed a hurricane first hand understand how devastating these storms can be. Food, water, flashlights, and a plethora of other essentials are on everyone’s mind, but many forget about the invaluable asset of data.

Computers hold family photos, thousands of songs, movies, and work files. These files, if lost have an extreme replacement cost, and in some cases, such as family photos, they are lost forever. In a natural disaster like a hurricane, time machine backups to an external hard drive as well as other forms of onsite backup are useless. This brings to light how indispensable offsite backup truly is.

Dolly Drive provides Apple users the ability to back up to the cloud through the native Time Machine interface.  For Mac users, this provides the most comprehensive storage that is highly affordable and easily retrievable. Dolly makes restoring from time machine backup painless.

High-speed winds and debris are formidable and can do major structural damage. However, the most significant risk for data loss comes from water intrusion. Penetrating rain, flooding and large storm surges are forces that put on-site storage at risk.  Backing up to the cloud offers not only data safety but more importantly, piece of mind.

Knowing that your files are safe affords comfort and security when there are many additional preparations that must be made. Start backing up before the storm because when it hits it will be too late. To quote Ben Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Don’t get caught unprepared, use Dolly Drive and put your data in safekeeping.

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  1. Bryan Holmes says:

    Our Data Centers are located in Miami, FL and Rome, IT. They are built to withstand natural disasters and contain fail safes in the event that a natural disaster does occur. I appreciate your interest and intelligent inquiry.

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