Dolly Clone Mac Disaster Recovery now available for free!

Dolly Drive to now offer award-winning local bootable disaster recovery application Dolly Clone for free!

The bootable clone component of Dolly Drive, online backup for Mac, will be available free for Mac users to download at Dolly Clone is the local disaster recovery feature of Dolly Drive’s complete backup and recovery solution for Mac. Dolly Drive online backup for Apple Time Machine was named Best of Show and Best Software by MacLife Magazine at the 2011 MacWorld Expo.

(New York, NY) Dolly Drive, online backup for Time Machine, announced that it will now offer its Dolly clone software for free by download. Dolly Clone lets users create an exact duplicate of their entire Mac computer on a local external hard drive. In the event their system crashes or they’re faced with some other computer disaster, users can reboot their computer as though the crash never happened. Dolly Clone’s easy incremental cloning function makes it easy to quickly update your clone as often as you’d like.

“We believe cloning is so critical in protecting your digital life that we just want to make sure Mac users do it, regardless of profit.” said Mark Ross, Director of Client Services for Dolly Drive. “While the clone doesn’t offer the full benefits of Dolly Drive’s online storage like single file archiving and recovery or offsite backup, it at least guarantees you’re safe from a system crash or disaster.  If we’ve helped Mac users do that, we consider that a win.”

Dolly Clone can be downloaded at Drive subscriptions can be purchased there as well in packages from 50GBs to 2 TBs for $5 to $55 per month which includes online storage, backup through Apple’s Time Machine, and software to create bootable clones on a local external hard drive.

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2 Responses to Dolly Clone Mac Disaster Recovery now available for free!

  1. Daniela says:

    Sam,Thanks for asking. That is a great qustoien.No, absolutely not. Once you begin the backup, Dolly Drive will manage the process until it is completed.Depending on the size of your initial backup, you may want to perform this by incrementally adding files to a each successful backup to create a successful backup of your intended drive.Please go to our support tab for support qustoiens.. We will be happy to help make this a seamless process for you. We have a dedicated team of experts to answer any qustoiens that you may have.Mark RossDirector | Client Services

  2. Joy says:

    I already have a 2TB exrnetal drive I use for Time Machine, does Dolly Drive replace my exrnetal drive or is it a supplemental storage medium? Also, my Time Machine backup is basically using up the entire 2TB, but I’m guessing I only use about 200GB of actual space for important files I care about, is there a way to have Dolly Drive only backup those files while the exrnetal hdd is used for everything else?

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