iCloud and online backup: What is the difference?

Update: Watch Dolly Drive Creator Anthony Palermo discuss iCloud and Dolly Drive on WebProNews.


Like many of you, we watched Apple’s WWDC with incredible excitement. And with the announcement of iCloud, there seems to be confusion about whether it is an online backup. We just want to make sure that Mac users are aware that it is not. Here’s a little explanation of the difference.

iCloud and Dolly Drive – online backup through Apple’s Time Machine – perform two very distinctive functions that are both essential to Mac users, syncing and backing up. iCloud syncs specific items and applications stored on your iOS devices, and stores them in the cloud, some for a limited period, others as long as you want. That isn’t the same as the auto-archiving capabilities of Time Machine. Time Machine allows any and every aspect of your computer to be backed up, no matter the file, and accessible as you see it today, or as you saw it a year ago. Dolly Drive is the only way to do that in the cloud.

iCloud is an example of Apple ingenuity and excites us as a solution for sharing among Apple devices. But we hope Mac users are not confused into thinking that iCloud’s convenience is a substitute for true data backup and we think Apple would agree. Time Machine is still the most comprehensive way to protect and recover everything on your Mac and Dolly Drive is still the only way to do that in the cloud.

We are thrilled about Dolly Drive’s unique position in the Mac community and even more excited about our own unique enhanced cloud services that will be coming to our subscribers in the near future.


What it does:

  • see all your itunes library from all your Mac and Apple devices
  • stream a limited number of photos from your iOS devices onto your mac and Apple TV
  • Sync only documents that have been integrated into the iCloud framework.
  • Backup a set of items that are on your iOS devices

What it doesn’t do:

* no Mac desktop or laptop backup

  • no automatic iPhoto sync
  • no backup for music that is deleted from your music library
  • no backup or sync of documents that don’t comply with iCloud

Dolly Drive

  • Backup all and any computer file to Dolly Grid cloud storage
  • No Downtime recover from computer crash with Dolly Clone
  • Backup from anywhere your computer is multiple times a day
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4 Responses to iCloud and online backup: What is the difference?

  1. Ron Festine says:

    I’ve been using Dolly Drive for awhile now and am very satisfied and am pleased with my end-user experience with both the product and company!

    Your comparison is right-on! iCloud is not a substitute for a full backup and Dolly Drive does that – including all applications and your system via. Time Machine. PLUS, the cloud-based Clone feature is a huge +++++ – in the event of a hard drive failure, Dolly Drive’s clone feature allows you to restart your complete system within minutes of the failure.

    Thank you for this excellent product!

    Ron Festine
    Health Information Professionals

  2. Damien says:

    I agree with all but the ‘Music that is deleted from your library’. Unless you mean your own music then surely you can redownload them? I thought that was the point of iTunes in the cloud?

    • admin says:

      In the case of Music, yes you are right it would be my own music. In the case of Documents and Pictures I believe its a different story.

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