The power of backing up offsite

Our heavy hearts go out to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan. The launch of Dolly Drive was an enormous success with users from Japan, and we are thinking about them in this challenging time, as we are our many friends in that part of the world. As a show of our support, we’ve suspended the requirement of payment for all of our Japanese subscribers for the next two months while our customers focus on returning to a life of normalcy.

One of the most fascinating things we heard over and over again when we presented Dolly Drive for the first time to MacWorld attendees in San Francisco, was the importance of offsite storage in the event of something like an Earthquake. As an East Coast company, that sort of disaster isn’t really on our minds.  We certainly have our own threats on this side of the country, but Earthquakes are a far away thought. When people would mention it, a few of us noted that in the back of our heads, we sort of chuckled at the extremeness of an Earthquake scenario. However, many of those show attendees were indeed from California where such a fear is always present. Seeing that devastation in video today, and how quickly entire lives can be destroyed, and everything one owns, digital or material, can be lost in minutes, we realized the seriousness of their concern and why backup was so important to them for that reason. As more and more of our lives go digital – our pictures, our videos, our memories, our documents, our entire life’s content- those zeros and ones being saved on a faraway hard drive take on an entirely new meaning.  It’s not just about restoring a term paper you erased or a song that was lost. It’s about the importance of getting back to a life of normalcy after unforeseeable tragedy. If Dolly Drive can help people do that, we are humbled.


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