Dolly Drive Overload. System Outage Resolved.


Services have been fully restored. You can now re-access the Dolly Drive backups. If you do have any issue connecting please reach us at, the support line at or via twitter


Services have been partially restored. A number of users are able to reconnect. We will update you on the progress as soon as possible.

We are reporting an outage at 11:30 AM EST.

It seems we have hit another overload during the process of updating storage for a number of users that were having errors with TIme Machine not correctly registering the total amount of available storage.

We will updating the Blog and Twitter when outage is resolved.


Anthony Palermo

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2 Responses to Dolly Drive Overload. System Outage Resolved.

  1. Smita says:

    Spoke with you at MacWorld Expo. I’d like to back up my MacBook Pro, which has a 512GB internal solid-state drive in it. I want a cpomlete backup. I also carry around a 1.5TB external drive (about 1.3 TB of used space) that I’d like backed up. What’s the monthly cost for this? Question #2: We are a business that backs up internally on a DroboS network backup (using TimeMachine). Then this backs up, via CrashPlan to an external DroboS. We are considering getting rid of this off-site backup and instead going to a cloud backup. I think (if I remember right) that we are currently at about 16TB max with the Drobo. We probably have about 10TB on it now. Do you do enterprise solutions? If so, can you get us some costs?Thanks! Looks like a great solution!

  2. Nurindah says:

    Hello,I found you at the MacWorld SF show.I’m an ACN and would like to try out the product to get a feel for it. My intnet is to encourage my customers to use Dolly Drive in conjunction with their current backup plan. I presently have about 200 home users here in the East Bay area of San Francisco and backup and recovery is a big focus for us.Thanks,Clinton GilbertApple Certified Support Professional

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