What a way to launch !

Wow what an overwhelming positive response from all of our friends in the Mac Community. We are honored by Mac Life bestowing upon us their Winner of Best of Show as well as Winner Best Software. With an incredible number of initial subscribers from the show that are backing up using Dolly Drive our take off is going fantastic,and for the few that our having issues our team is here for you. As we get to our cruising altitude we are going to continue to improve and enrich our services for you. Thank you Thank you Thank you! We can not say enough how happy you have made the Dolly Drive team and we look forward to baaaaacking you up :)


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5 Responses to What a way to launch !

  1. Steve says:

    Nice to meet you guys at Macworld. A couple thoughts –
    1) you might want to activate the links to your Privacy Policy and your Terms of Service. Personally, although I like you guys, I think that would make me feel safer about uploading my data to your servers.
    2) It would be nice to have either a freemium option or free trial for this service.

    Good luck with life after launch!

  2. What a great concept! I just signed up and can’t wait to get started. I switched to Mac a couple of months ago and LOVE the Time Machine. But I want a cloud backup to be safe. This seems like the best of all worlds.

  3. John Powell says:

    [1.] First, to Roger Brooks (who posted a previous comment) ~ Hey Dude, do you want champagne, a lap dance, and caviar, with that deal you’re seeking? [2.] Secondly, to the Dolly Drive team ~ Congratulations for the attractive innovation to the backup market!! This Mac man ain’t yet made a decision about which backup methodology I’m gonna use for my new iMac, but your stuff is looking and sounding pretty damn solid to me. I’m extremely limited by a bare-bones budget, and I’ll only be able to afford one backup option. I’ve been researching for weeks (all the online backups, many of the soft + hard combos, blah, blah, blah). Thus far, your offering seems to have me VERY interested. I’m off to check out the Seagate drive for Time Machine, after I leave your site, moments from now. But I am VERY afraid of choosing the home disk option, considering that I can only afford one option, and the disk route could potentially stick me with a catastrophic loss which is no more preventable than a devastated Time Capsule and/or internal HD. I need something that’s gonna give me the most consistently idiot-proof and fail-safe dependability, without requiring me to continue worrying about (and eventually throwing away more and more money on) malfunctioning mechanical manifestations of human haste and impatient engineering arrogance (i.e., electronic merchandise). Okay, enough of this for now. Again, congratulations for your ideas, efforts and achievements!! Hopefully, I will be able to find a sufficient amount of reviews of your backup offerings, enough to convince me that the Dolly Drive concept is really as practical and exquisitely-performing as it appears to be “on paper”. ~ Oh by the way, your site contains a variety of typos distributed throughout numerous pages. The missing letters in numerous words make the site’s image (and the product’s) appear to be, shall we say, just slightly “rinky dink” and lacking conscientious literacy. That’s not good. I’m sure you’ll agree. [I’m giving you some constructive criticism, NOT insult.] Best Of Luck To One And All At Dolly!!!!!

  4. Chad says:

    I haven’t gotten provisioned yet, but I’m very excited! I’ve tried other solutions for Mac backup that just didn’t work. Good luck with scaling to all the demand :)

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