Dolly Drive At MacWorld 2011

See us January 27th to the 29th at MacWorld Expo in the Indie Spotlight section. Come by & say “Hi.” Tell ‘em “The Blaaaog” sent ya.

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4 Responses to Dolly Drive At MacWorld 2011

  1. Roger Brooks says:

    Hello. I see that the purchase limitations are few. I can buy 250GB for $10 a month or 100 GB or $750 a month. I pick one then buy it. But I want to back up my entire hard drive, which currently has about 380 GB on it. Is there a way to start with a base of say 250GB then add in 50 or 100GB increments? And at a reduced price since I’m buying the base amount of 250GB? There doesn’t seem to be any options for customizing how much storage you need.

    • admin says:


      At the moment we do not offer plans that are higher then 250GB. The plans also increment storage every month that you are subscribed. We are looking to add more options to accommodate users like yourself that have a need for more storage.

  2. admin says:


    We are in process of expanding our offerings in February and the rest of Q1 as we settle in from our opening @ Macworld 2011. We are working on the ability to purchase a 6 months or yearly plan and will make them available via the Pricing page. The longer terms will have discounts.

  3. Marko says:

    I saw your product at Macworld and wondered if there is a promotion code or special for macworld attenders ?

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